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Late night/early morning quickie, haha

Well, I'm still awake... Not too tired, though I think I'm finally getting a bit sleepy. Another night of working late. Whoo! Love my job. Actually I do enjoy my job, it's just a lot of work. Kind of similar to being a part-time parent/guardian. I love those two little girls though. I'm still trying to get a 4.0 to keep my scholarships at the end of the semester... So far I have 2 As out of 4. Halfway there... Spring Break is next week, guess what I'll be doing? STUDYING. Yes! So much fun! NOT!!! Oh well, it's got to get done, so I don't have a choice.

Things are good though. George put his engine in Saturday. Hopefully his car will be running this weekend... He'll be happy. :) Me too! I spend the majority of my time with Maddie and Laney. Things have been difficult though with Emily's death then my mom's close aunt died three days after Emily. It was a hard week... I don't know, just when things were looking up they came crashing down again. I'm trying to keep up my spirits though and stick with doing well.

I enjoy biology class. Love it actually. I like my lecture professor so much! So many people complain about her, but I love her! She's awesome! And she loves online links to help us! :) ME = HAPPY haha. She's also very thoughtful and considerate. My English professor rocks, too. She's really awesome. And guess what! We're doing an annotated bibliography for our next essay...which is a research paper (go figure)... Well, the topic has to be some type of technology in the media...and you know what I chose? STOP-MOTION ANIMATION! Whoo! That's what The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride are. Isn't that awesome. I'm learning so much! I love it. I really do like all of my professors this semester. It makes it much easier to go to class if you like the professor.

Well, I'm thinking it's two in the morning and I have class at 10. I should be alert for that class... So I'm going to try and get some sleep. I'll update if anything BIG happens. Haha.

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