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Back in action, slowly but surely

Wow, I haven't updated in forever. Well, I went from dating a twenty-six year old and twenty-one year old to cutting both out. Too much drama and too much physicality. I'm getting back into the swing of things. That swing of things being school. Tired of the drama that guys entail. I have been talking with my friend George, and that's been really nice. We're going out on the lake on Saturday; Heather's thrilled. I've been hanging out with Heather a lot, too. It's been great. The roomies and I went to Amigo's for dinner last night. And man, was it good! Work has been work. Busy as usual. Little sleep, as usual. Sucks. Got sick from exhaustion last week, missed classes. :( Sucks butt. Met new people, made new mistakes, what's new? No one's perfect, right?

I miss hanging out with my mom, weird, huh? Nah, not really. Not weird when she's been my best friend since I can remember. It has been kind of rough though without her.

My dad's lost everything with the hurricanes. He's not going back to New Orleans. He's looking for somewhere about two hours away to move to. Should be interesting to find out what's going to happen.

Last night I had my first accident. It was awful. I cried the whole time. My roommate, Britney, was with me because I had gone to pick her up from the hair salon, then we were going to McDonald's to get something to eat. After driving through the drive-thru, I was turning right out of the ghetto McDonald's on Third Stree and the other girl was turning left into McDonald's. BAM! My car hit the driver's door. >_< Piece of poop. My car just has paint scratches on the front and the left headlight is broken (cracked about an inch). I'm really not a bad driver, and that's what makes me so mad about the whole situation. I just don't understand how it happened. I couldn't get in touch with my mom or anyone, finally got in touch with my brother and Brit called the police. I thought the other girl was going to beat me up when she got out of the car she was so mad. I was just in complete shock and shaken up. I cried from about 9:15 (when it happened) until about midnight. I just couldn't help it. George came over with ice cream to try and make me feel better, it was nice of him.

This morning I took a chemistry test on chapters four and five. That wasn't fun. I had planned on studying after picking Britney up last night, well, that obviously didn't happen. I think I did all right though, just not as well as the last test, which I got a 96 on.

I guess that's about all that has been going on. Life has been really crazy... Maybe I'll get back to updating more often. :) Haha.

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