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Wow, I actually wrote.

Well, this last week has completely sucked butt. Honestly, I think it's been the worst week I've had in a long, long time. I don't know how everything has gone wrong. I just don't know. It baffles me.

Got a B+ on my rhetorical analysis on a Ban deodorant advertisemen. That was good, but that's about it. Got a 75 on my chemistry test from last Thursday. :( Sucks. Paid a $350 phone bill yesterday to get my phone turned back on. Grr, I hate Cingular! Seriously.

Friday I went out shopping with the roomies and friends. We went to Outback for dinner and saw George while he was working. It was cute. We also went to the new Target that opened. That was all right. Saturday Heather and I went to George's and then out on the lake. It was cool (temperature wise) on the lake, I had fun though, I just didn't get in the water. Too cold for me. We went to Buffet King for dinner, then rented three movies (The Amityville Horror, White Noise, and Two Brothers). We watched all three movies in a row, then decided to watch the movie Miracle. Heather didn't want to watch it, so we tried playing cards until I cut her hand with my nail on accident. Oops! Didn't mean to. We went to Wal-Mart at 5:00 AM and then to Steak 'N' Shake. Finally got back to George's at 6:30 AM, then left to come back downtown. It was crazy. I slept for about an hour or two and then went to church out in Soddy Daisy. I went home to my mom's after mass, slammed my finger in the door, ouch! Then I passed out on the couch with ice on my finger for about 4-5 hours. Codi was over, so I finally woke up to her... Played with her for a bit, then drove back downtown. Eventful Sunday, haha, yeah right. Sunday evening I didn't do much...went to George's that night and brought him a cookie, I baked cookies as usual.

Yesterday I went to class and work, ending my evening with a delicious meal of fifty-cent tacos at Amigo's. I met George and his friends there, well, actually I met George at his house, then we met his friends there. Teehee. It was cool though. His friends are crazy. He and David came downtown for a bit. I baked cookies...what's new? Then they left after a while. George came back and hung around with me, which was funny. I was so tired it wasn't funny! (Teehee)

Today's kind of sucked. Got that chem test back this morning. Then took another music test. I need to work on my argumentative paper, which I still need to pick an argument. :-/ Guess I'm going to get off here and get ready to leave to get the girls. Going to leave in about 15 minutes. Yay, another late night.

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